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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Marco Polo, 24 books
Ptolemy, 22 books
Martin Waldseemüller, 8 books
Konrad Miller, 8 books
Santa Cruz, Alonso de, 5 books
Thomas Blundeville, 4 books
Speed, John, 4 books
Marcel, Gabriel, 4 books
Carlos Sanz, 4 books
Justin Winsor, 4 books
Corneille Wytfliet, 4 books
John Ogilby, 3 books
Bretschneider, E., 3 books
Kenneth Nebenzahl, 3 books
Theobald Fischer, 3 books
Tony Campbell, 3 books
R. A. Skelton, 3 books
Ivan Kupčík, 3 books
Francisco Vindel, 3 books
William B. Ginsberg, 3 books
Leo Bagrow, 3 books
R. V. Tooley, 2 books
A. E. Nordenskiöld, 2 books
Robert Putman, 2 books
Stevens, Henry, 2 books


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