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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Michael G. Moore, 17 books
Peterson's, 13 books
Charles Schlosser, 12 books
Michael Simonson, 11 books
Elizabeth J. Burge, 11 books
Desmond Keegan, 9 books
Greville Rumble, 9 books
Michael R. Simonson, 8 books
Uğur Demiray, 8 books
Lewis, Roger, 7 books
Rena M. Palloff, 7 books
John S. Daniel, 7 books
Derek Rowntree, 6 books
Keith Harry, 6 books
Alan Tait, 6 books
Tony Bates, 6 books
Fred Lockwood, 6 books
Gilly Salmon, 5 books
Terry Evans, 5 books
John Bear, 5 books
Keith Pratt, 5 books
David Seth Preston, 5 books
Santosh K. Panda, 5 books
Karen Mantyla, 5 books
Börje Holmberg, 5 books