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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Daron Acemoglu, 5 books
David Seth Preston, 5 books
Ronald Schettkat, 5 books
Boyan Jovanovic, 4 books
Paul Beaudry, 4 books
Diana Oblinger, 4 books
Bradford Lee Eden, 4 books
International Labour Office, 4 books
Claudia Dale Goldin, 4 books
Swasti Mitter, 4 books
Luc Soete, 4 books
Arndt Sorge, 3 books
Judy Breck, 3 books
Lawrence A. Tomei, 3 books
Baldwin, John R., 3 books
Ian McLoughlin, 3 books
Richard N. Katz, 3 books
Martin Carnoy, 3 books
Linda Bozzo, 3 books
Peter B. Doeringer, 3 books
Manuel Castells, 3 books
Ann Bartel, 3 books
Jacob Mincer, 3 books
Tony Bates, 3 books
Robert H. Reed, 3 books


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