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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Edouard Goursat, 8 books
Richard Haberman, 7 books
Giuseppe Da Prato, 7 books
Viorel Barbu, 6 books
Jürgen Jost, 6 books
Heinrich G. W. Begehr, 6 books
William E. Schiesser, 6 books
Peter V. O'Neil, 5 books
Michel Chipot, 5 books
Jan S. Hesthaven, 5 books
Ari Laptev, 5 books
Fritz John, 5 books
A. V. Bit͡sadze, 5 books
J. F. Pommaret, 5 books
Bert-Wolfgang Schulze, 5 books
M. Chipot, 4 books
Maurice Janet, 4 books
G. F. D. Duff, 4 books
Elemer E. Rosinger, 4 books
Luigi Ambrosio, 4 books
Olof Widlund, 4 books
Francesco Uguzzoni, 4 books
Michael Eugene Taylor, 4 books
Colton, David L., 4 books
J. David Logan, 4 books


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