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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Maria Antonieta Collins, 5 books
Kim Barnouin, 4 books
Rory Freedman, 4 books
Maggie Greenwood-Robinson, 3 books
Martin Binks, 2 books
Carol Colman, 2 books
David Zinczenko, 2 books
Bob Schwartz, 2 books
Gabe Mirkin, 2 books
Weight Watchers, 2 books
Inc Staf Weight Watchers Internati, 2 books
Lauren Hutton, 2 books
Ron Rosedale, 2 books
David L. Katz, 2 books
Garry Egger, 2 books
Robin Donovan, 2 books
Ted Spiker, 2 books
Barry Sears, 2 books
Gardner Jameson, 2 books
Elliott Williams, 2 books
Howard J Eisenson, 2 books
Julia VanTine, 2 books
Cathy Nonas, 2 books
Bill Lawren, 2 books
Cris Carlin, 2 books


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