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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Lancelot Andrewes, 35 books
Harry Emerson Fosdick, 16 books
Allestree, Richard, 15 books
Taylor, Jeremy, 14 books
E. Stanley Jones, 13 books
Dick Purnell, 13 books
Amy Bolding, 11 books
Thomas à Kempis, 11 books
Thomas Fuller, 10 books
Anne Graham Lotz, 10 books
Honor Books, 10 books
Johann Friedrich Starck, 9 books
Jay, William, 8 books
Wallace Fridy, 8 books
Sturm, Christoph Christian, 8 books
Christopher Sutton, 7 books
Johann Gerhard, 7 books
John R. Macduff, 7 books
John Willison, 6 books
Ralph S. Cushman, 6 books
R. Sherlock, 6 books
Juanita Ryan, 6 books
Barbour Publishing Staff, 6 books
John Flavel, 6 books
Freeman-Smith Smith, 6 books


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