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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Vito Tanzi, 6 books
Singer, Hans Wolfgang, 5 books
December Green, 5 books
Howell Zee, 5 books
McMahon, Gary, 5 books
Howard Handelman, 5 books
Anne O. Krueger, 4 books
World Bank, 4 books
Sima Motamen-Samadian, 4 books
Frances Stewart, 4 books
Malcolm Gillis, 4 books
John L. Seitz, 3 books
Soumitra Sharma, 3 books
John Toye, 3 books
Justin Yifu Lin, 3 books
Joseph E. Stiglitz, 3 books
Susan Schadler, 3 books
Laura Luehrmann, 3 books
Raghbendra Jha, 3 books
John Whalley, 3 books
Paul Mosley, 3 books
José Antonio Ocampo, 3 books
Stephan Haggard, 3 books
Michael P. Todaro, 3 books
Dwight H. Perkins, 3 books


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