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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Elissa Malcohn, 6 books
Cassandra Clare, 5 books
Rohan Quine, 5 books
Stephen King, 4 books
Guido Krain, 3 books
Tom Daut, 2 books
Jan Christoph Prüfer, 2 books
Scott C. Holstad, 2 books
Torsten Scheib, 2 books
Thomas Lohwasser, 2 books
Vanessa Kaiser, 2 books
Michael Rapp, 2 books
Torsten Low, 1 book
Thomas Backus, 1 book
Thilo Corzilius, 1 book
Moritz Hampel, 1 book
Hanna Nolden, 1 book
Mateusz Broniarek, 1 book
Dag Roth, 1 book
Anke Höhl-Kayser, 1 book
Udo Kirchem, 1 book
Matthias Toepfer, 1 book
Carolin Gmyrek, 1 book
Markus Heitkamp, 1 book
Dominik Altherr, 1 book


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