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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Stella Ting-Toomey, 5 books
John A. Kromkowski, 5 books
Zakī Mīlād, 5 books
Dan Landis, 4 books
Michelle LeBaron, 4 books
Morris P. Fiorina, 4 books
E. M. Forster, 4 books
Georgene Hoffman Seward, 3 books
Marc Howard Ross, 3 books
Henry James Jr., 3 books
Michael Medved, 3 books
Dieter Senghaas, 3 books
John G. Oetzel, 3 books
Michael A. Smerconish, 3 books
Meyer, Thomas, 3 books
Michele Langfield, 3 books
Peter Kreeft, 3 books
Joshua D. Freilich, 3 books
Tom Perrotta, 3 books
Akio Kikuchi, 3 books
Amin Maalouf, 3 books
Kōji Saitō, 3 books
Bassam Tibi, 3 books
Simon Bornschier, 3 books
Stig Förster, 3 books


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