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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Huilin Hu, 9 books
C. D. Throsby, 5 books
Zhou Fan, 5 books
Shuyu Qi, 4 books
Chang-sun Pak, 4 books
Dashen Kuai, 4 books
Lixun Peng, 4 books
Annick Schramme, 3 books
Alphons Silbermann, 3 books
Wenying Wang, 3 books
Aleksandr Dolgin, 3 books
Jizuo Yin, 3 books
Yan Li, 3 books
Yong Xiang, 3 books
Jörg Schröder, 3 books
Ik-chu Yi, 3 books
Youquan Ouyang, 3 books
Paul Stoneman, 2 books
Michael Keane, 2 books
Laura Bovone, 2 books
Terry Flew, 2 books
Kyung Hyun Kim, 2 books
Lawrence Lessig, 2 books
Anthony Rausch, 2 books
Jens Christensen, 2 books


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