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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Barry Turner, 3 books
Donald H. Cunningham, 2 books
Katherine H. Adams, 2 books
Ken Dancyger, 2 books
Allen Frewin Jones, 2 books
Lesley Pollinger, 2 books
Robert Graham, 2 books
Robert Wolsch, 2 books
Heather Leach, 2 books
Sue Viders, 2 books
Timothy Shaner, 2 books
Nancy Breen, 2 books
Charlie Kaufman, 2 books
Julie Robitaille, 2 books
Nancy Morrow, 1 book
Katharine Haake, 1 book
Robert Keith Miller, 1 book
William G. Connolly, 1 book
Jerry L. Johns, 1 book
Evans, Jay, 1 book
Catherine A. Hoffman, 1 book
Dave Austin, 1 book
Celia Hunt, 1 book
Julian West, 1 book
G. Paul Smeyak, 1 book


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