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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Harald Mante, 8 books
H. P. Robinson, 4 books
Richard D. Zakia, 4 books
Kurt Lancaster, 3 books
Jim Zuckerman, 3 books
Michael Freeman, 3 books
George Barr, 3 books
Bryan Peterson, 3 books
Paul Jonas, 2 books
Gerry Badger, 2 books
Tom Grill, 2 books
Henry Rankin Poore, 2 books
Harold Davis, 2 books
Sadakichi Hartmann, 2 books
Freeman Patterson, 2 books
Ernst Wildi, 2 books
PETER WARD, 2 books
Chris Orwig, 2 books
Rick Sammon, 2 books
Hartmann, Sadakichi, 2 books
Kurt Lancaster, 2 books
Freeman Patterson, 2 books
David DuChemin, 2 books
Angela Faris-Belt, 2 books
Stephanie Roberts, 2 books


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