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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Time-Life Books, 12 books
John Hedgecoe, 5 books
Michael Freeman, 4 books
National Gallery of Canada, 4 books
Michael Busselle, 4 books
Helmut Gernsheim, 4 books
Lorraine Monk, 3 books
Andreas Feininger, 3 books
Collectif, 3 books
Ansel Adams, 3 books
Michael Langford, 3 books
Grant Scott, 3 books
John Szarkowski, 3 books
Gilles Mora, 3 books
Fil Hunter, 3 books
Walker Evans, 3 books
Jorge Uzon, 3 books
Kris Belden-Adams, 3 books
Steve McCurry, 2 books
Eastman Kodak Company, 2 books
Jean-Claude Lemagny, 2 books
Roger Maile, 2 books
Charles-Henri Favrod, 2 books
Martha Langford, 2 books
Mark Durden, 2 books


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