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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Mike Mignola, 53 books
Roy Thomas, 43 books
Marvel Various, 34 books
Bill Willingham, 29 books
Peter David, 26 books
Neil Gaiman, 26 books
Ron Marz, 25 books
Zenescope Entertainment Staff, 25 books
Jason Aaron, 24 books
Joe Brusha, 24 books
N.D. Stevenson, 22 books
Cullen Bunn, 21 books
Pat Mills, 21 books
Michael Avon Oeming, 19 books
Kieron Gillen, 19 books
Stan Lee, 19 books
Shannon Watters, 19 books
Greg Pak, 17 books
Raven Gregory, 17 books
Stjepan Sejic, 16 books
Hal Foster, 16 books
Erik Larsen, 16 books
Eric Powell, 15 books
Jim Zub, 15 books
Patrick Shand, 15 books