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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
David Jasper, 16 books
Leland Ryken, 14 books
Peter Milward, 7 books
Nathan A. Scott, 6 books
Alan Jacobs, 5 books
George Wilson Knight, 4 books
Karl-Josef Kuschel, 4 books
Ralph C. Wood, 4 books
Peter J. Leithart, 4 books
Michael John Roberts, 4 books
Joseph Chilton Pearce, 4 books
Willemien Otten, 4 books
C. A. Patrides, 3 books
E. Beatrice Batson, 3 books
Louis Markos, 3 books
Paul E. Kerry, 3 books
Richard Giannone, 3 books
Kurt D. Bruner, 3 books
Richard L. Greaves, 3 books
Marion Montgomery, 3 books
Harold K. Bush, 3 books
Alison Shell, 3 books
John Killinger, 3 books
Allchin, A. M., 3 books
Alan Sinfield, 3 books


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