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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Dr. Henry Cloud, 25 books
Dr. John Townsend, 25 books
Dr. Les Parrott III, 15 books
Dr. Leslie Parrott, 14 books
Judson Poling, 10 books
Dick Towner, 5 books
John Tofilon, 5 books
David Arp, 5 books
Walt Larimore M.D., 5 books
Claudia Arp, 5 books
Les Parrott, 4 books
Martha Finley, 4 books
Jack W. Hayford, 4 books
Stacy Mattingly, 4 books
Eddie James, 3 books
Thomas E. Trask, 3 books
Gary Smalley, 3 books
Ben Carson, 3 books
Mark Oestreicher, 3 books
Wayde I. Goodall, 3 books
Alice Joyce Davidson, 3 books
Cindy Kenney, 2 books
Ruth Graham, 2 books
Lisa Vischer, 2 books
Ruthanne Garlock, 2 books


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