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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Mark Hayes, 10 books
Joseph Martin, 9 books
Jean Shafferman, 9 books
David Angerman, 9 books
Anna Page, 8 books
Mary Christner Borntrager, 7 books
Rod Randall, 6 books
Bruce Greer, 6 books
Lois Gladys Leppard, 6 books
Charles Mills, 5 books
Fred Bock, 5 books
David Drillock, 5 books
Alice Joyce Davidson, 5 books
Jeanne Gowen Dennis, 4 books
Sheila Seifert, 4 books
Elspeth Campbell Murphy, 4 books
Paul Buchanan, 4 books
H. Erickson, 4 books
Chris Auer, 3 books
Cindy Kenney, 3 books
G. J. Linko, 3 books
Tim F. LaHaye, 3 books
Lawrence Kushner, 3 books
Eric Pakulak, 3 books
Stephen R. Lawhead, 3 books


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