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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Richard David Carson, 4 books
John Cohen, 4 books
Jon Elster, 4 books
Schelling, Thomas C., 4 books
Nick Tasler, 4 books
Robin M. Hogarth, 4 books
Miller, John G., 3 books
Mark Matlock, 3 books
Ward Edwards, 3 books
David Treybig, 3 books
Victoria Parker, 3 books
Rudy E. Vuchinich, 3 books
Barbara Sher, 3 books
Amalia McGibbon, 3 books
Richard H. Thaler, 3 books
Sidney Siegel, 2 books
Elizabeth Boyden Howes, 2 books
Harold Greenwald, 2 books
Coleman, James Samuel, 2 books
Anita Brookner, 2 books
Jeanette Winterson, 2 books
Richard S. Sharf, 2 books
Gerald Corey, 2 books
John G. Miller, 2 books
Robert Grant, 2 books


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