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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Danny Siegel, 6 books
Ḥayyim Palache, 5 books
Mary K. Conyngton, 4 books
Milton Mayeroff, 4 books
Devine, Edward Thomas, 4 books
Thomas Gouge, 4 books
H. W., 4 books
Joseph-Marie baron de Gérando, 4 books
Lisi Harrison, 3 books
Thomas Lupset, 3 books
Michel Riquet, 3 books
Andrew Carnegie, 3 books
Edward T. Devine, 3 books
Peter Singer, 3 books
Emanuel Swedenborg, 3 books
Thomas Chalmers, 3 books
Thomas Aquinas, 3 books
John Hamilton Thom, 3 books
James Sabine, 3 books
Grant N. Havers, 3 books
S. Y. Brach, 3 books
William Clagett, 3 books
Samuel Low, 2 books
Dana Corbit, 2 books
Cathy Hopkins, 2 books


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