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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Illinois. Dept. of Employment Security, 50 books
WetFeet Staff, 33 books
J. Michael Farr, 18 books
Blythe Camenson, 10 books
Heather Adamson, 8 books
Charnan Simon, 7 books
Jan Goldberg, 7 books
Editors of VGM Careers Books, 7 books
Editors at JIST, 6 books
Richard H. Beatty, 5 books
Mike Bryon, 4 books
Sally Longson, 4 books
Ann Love, 4 books
Laurence Shatkin, 4 books
Brian Tracy, 4 books
Franz Kafka, 4 books
Jane Drake, 4 books
Ferguson., 3 books
Susan Britton Whitcomb, 3 books
Mariela Dabbah, 3 books
Caitlin Friedman, 3 books
Edwards, Paul, 3 books
Marjorie Eberts, 3 books
Terence J. Sacks, 3 books
Adrian A. Paradis, 3 books


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