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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jean Pare, 10 books
Elizabeth Baird, 6 books
Virginia Lee, 5 books
Elaine Elliot, 5 books
Jean Paré, 5 books
Jean Pare, 5 books
Cinda Chavich, 4 books
James Darcy, 4 books
Murray, Rose, 4 books
Sondra Gotlieb, 3 books
Marie Nightingale, 3 books
Charles Lief, 3 books
Gail Norton, 3 books
Anita Stewart, 3 books
Yvon Desloges, 3 books
Anita Stewart, 3 books
Muriel Breckenridge, 2 books
Jehane Benoît, 2 books
Nellie Lyle Pattinson, 2 books
Karen Miller (undifferentiated), 2 books
Jo Marie Powers, 2 books
Grace E. Denison, 2 books
Rose Murray, 2 books
Nathalie Cooke, 2 books
Dorothy Duncan, 2 books


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