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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Tortora, 83 books
Neil A. Campbell, 21 books
Jane B. Reece, 19 books
Mader, 16 books
Cecie Starr, 15 books
Harry Leather, 13 books
Jan Leather, 13 books
Ralph Taggart, 12 books
Taylor, 11 books
Glenn Toole, 10 books
Susan Toole, 10 books
MACRO, 9 books
Mary Jones, 8 books
Karen Hartley, 8 books
J. Simpkins, 8 books
J.I. Williams, 8 books
Philip Booth, 8 books
Donald Reid, 8 books
R. Soper, 7 books
Pauline Lowrie, 7 books
Clare Marsh, 7 books
James Simms, 7 books
Caroline Stevenson, 7 books
James Torrance, 7 books
Geoff Jones, 7 books


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