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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Max Hollein, 4 books
Julian Heynen, 3 books
Elisabeth Bronfen, 3 books
Diedrich Diederichsen, 3 books
Paul McCarthy, 3 books
Melitta Kliege, 3 books
Artschwager, Richard, 3 books
Jim Heimann, 3 books
Harald Szeemann, 3 books
Hans Dickel, 2 books
Wolfgang Ullrich, 2 books
Daniel Birnbaum, 2 books
Zdenek Felix, 2 books
Eberhard Schlotter, 2 books
Arnulf Rainer, 2 books
Dietrich Clarenbach, 2 books
Thomas McEvilley, 2 books
Neo Rauch, 2 books
David Weiss, 2 books
Wieland Schmied, 2 books
Boris Groys, 2 books
Günter Grass, 2 books
Robin Hunt, 2 books
Pamela Kort, 2 books
Dirk Luckow, 2 books


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