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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Emma Lathen, 22 books
Williams, David, 14 books
Erich Achterberg, 3 books
Stephen W. Frey, 3 books
Dunnett, Dorothy., 3 books
Andrzej Żor, 3 books
Miles Morland, 3 books
Niall Ferguson, 3 books
Himālaya Śamaśera, 3 books
N. I. Krotov, 3 books
Haywood Smith, 3 books
Jacques de Fouchier, 2 books
Douglas H. Fullerton, 2 books
Ajit Kumar Chatterjee, 2 books
Muhammad Yunus, 2 books
Browaldh, Tore., 2 books
Horowitz, David, 2 books
Joseph Schull, 2 books
Aryeh Avneri, 2 books
F. G. Hilton Price, 2 books
Arthur Miller, 2 books
Herbert R. Lottman, 2 books
Frederic Morton, 2 books
José M. Zavala, 2 books
Dana Vachon, 2 books


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