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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Joan Lawson, 2 books
Horst Koegler, 2 books
Anderson, Jack, 2 books
Clement Crisp, 2 books
Ramsay Burt, 2 books
Nancy Reynolds, 2 books
Gretchen Ward Warren, 2 books
Clarke, Mary, 2 books
Antony Dufort, 1 book
Jean Chapot, 1 book
Akim Volynsky, 1 book
Michail Fokin, 1 book
Gregorio Lambranzi, 1 book
Parmenia Migel, 1 book
Arlene Croce, 1 book
Evie Safarewicz, 1 book
Frank W. D. Ries, 1 book
Finis Jhung, 1 book
Eric Montbel, 1 book
Fred Fehl, 1 book
Jane E. Robbins, 1 book
Mary Lou Clark, 1 book
Edward H. Pask, 1 book
Linda Doeser, 1 book
Daniel S. Sorine, 1 book