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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Robert Leeson, 6 books
Henry Green, 3 books
Ursula Prokop, 3 books
Gordon Brook-Shepherd, 3 books
Rudolf Heilinger, 2 books
Marylène Stock, 2 books
Michael R. Hendrickson, 2 books
Richard Swedberg, 2 books
Stefan Zweig, 2 books
Mary Boyd Higgins, 2 books
Oscar Zarate, 2 books
Ernst Freud, 2 books
Edith Hahn Beer, 2 books
Karl Riesenhuber, 2 books
Edith Hahn-Beer, 2 books
Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht, 2 books
Ludwig von Mises, 2 books
Hilde Spiel, 2 books
Otto Kapfinger, 2 books
Walter Moore, 2 books
Viktor E. Frankl, 2 books
Karl F. Stock, 2 books
Alexander Waugh, 2 books
Eva Macho, 2 books
John Gribbin, 2 books


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