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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
James L. Machor, 3 books
Philip Goldstein, 2 books
Dito Montiel, 2 books
Pablo J. Boczkowski, 2 books
Andy Ruddock, 2 books
Niklas Luhmann, 2 books
Ian Hutchby, 2 books
Jan Johnson Yopp, 2 books
Beck, Peter, 2 books
Pertti Alasuutari, 2 books
Sonia Livingstone, 2 books
Richard Butsch, 2 books
Susan Weinschenk, 2 books
Denis McQuail, 2 books
Virginia Nightingale, 2 books
Karen Ross, 2 books
Bruno Sanguanini, 2 books
María C. Mata, 2 books
James G. Webster, 2 books
Marie Gillespie, 2 books
Anne Aly, 2 books
Małgorzata Dankowska-Kosman, 2 books
Erin Hurley, 2 books
Jean Bianchi, 2 books
Gunnar Roters, 2 books


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