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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
N. I. Nikandrov, 12 books
P. V. Khoroshilov, 10 books
Anatoliĭ Ivanovich Vilkov, 10 books
Robert M. Edsel, 5 books
Zongxian Huang, 5 books
Canadian War Museum., 4 books
Steve Berry, 4 books
Paul Clemen, 4 books
Mort Künstler, 4 books
Sebastian Dobson, 3 books
Masereel, Frans, 3 books
Castelao, 3 books
Douglas W. Bostick, 3 books
Dan Franck, 3 books
Sidney Kirkpatrick, 3 books
Rodolfo Siviero, 3 books
Dick H. Schram, 2 books
Sergeĭ Razgonov, 2 books
Schmidt, Walter, 2 books
Eberhard Fisch, 2 books
Newton, Eric, 2 books
A. E. Gallatin, 2 books
Giorgio Rossini, 2 books
Hamilton Darby Perry, 2 books
Thomas Trenkler, 2 books


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