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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
László Moholy-Nagy, 4 books
Mary Bergstein, 3 books
Andy Grundberg, 3 books
Arne Eggum, 3 books
Jeff Wall, 2 books
Patrick Roegiers, 2 books
Anthony Hamber, 2 books
Moholy-Nagy, László, 2 books
Marina Vaizey, 2 books
Jean-Sylvain Bieth, 2 books
Chris Bruce, 2 books
Xavier Domino, 2 books
Richter, Gerhard, 2 books
Agnes Etherington Art Centre, 2 books
McCord Museum., 2 books
Peter Galassi, 2 books
Estelle Jussim, 2 books
Paula Marincola, 1 book
Jytte Rex, 1 book
Aaron Scharf, 1 book
Larry L. Ligo, 1 book
Ward, John L., 1 book
Paolo Barozzi, 1 book
Cäsar Menz, 1 book
Rainer Wick, 1 book


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