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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Cecil Beaton, 12 books
Peter E. Palmquist, 8 books
Félix Nadar, 7 books
Robert James Waller, 7 books
Hans-Michael Koetzle, 6 books
Tom Corcoran, 6 books
Gordon Parks, 6 books
Ansel Adams, 6 books
Weston, Edward, 6 books
D. Richard Torrance, 5 books
Terry Bennett, 5 books
August Sander, 5 books
Nancy Wynne Newhall, 5 books
Edward Steichen, 4 books
Bill Hurter, 4 books
Quentin Bajac, 4 books
White, Clarence H., 4 books
Sullivan, George, 4 books
Lewis Carroll, 4 books
George B. Ayres, 4 books
Leonard D. DuBoff, 4 books
Robert Doisneau, 4 books
John Hannavy, 4 books
Nobuyoshi Araki, 4 books
Gordon Parks, 4 books


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