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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jean Balch Williams, 37 books
Alfred Edmund Brehm, 24 books
Ernest Thompson Seton, 21 books
Peter H. Klopfer, 16 books
Konrad Lorenz, 14 books
David McFarland, 14 books
Marc Bekoff, 13 books
Tinbergen, Niko, 13 books
Peter J. B. Slater, 12 books
S. A. Barnett, 11 books
Maurice Burton, 11 books
P. J. B. Slater, 11 books
Gerald Malcolm Durrell, 11 books
Paul Eipper, 10 books
Jay S. Rosenblatt, 10 books
Samuel G. Goodrich, 9 books
Robert A. Hinde, 9 books
Desmond Morris, 9 books
Raymond Lee Ditmars, 9 books
Frances Pitt, 9 books
W. H. Hudson, 9 books
Donald A. Dewsbury, 8 books
Ernest Ingersoll, 8 books
Alcock, John, 8 books
Frans de Waal, 8 books


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