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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Maurice Burton, 14 books
Millicent E. Selsam, 8 books
Russell Freedman, 6 books
Heller, Ruth, 5 books
Susan McGrath, 4 books
Tinbergen, Niko, 4 books
Dorothy Edwards Shuttlesworth, 4 books
Yanitzia Canetti, 4 books
David M. Schwartz, 4 books
Daniel Cohen, 4 books
Marcelle Vérité, 4 books
Alice Lightner Hopf, 3 books
Will Barker, 3 books
Gwynne Vevers, 3 books
Kathryn Lay, 3 books
Hilda Simon, 3 books
Marie Neurath, 3 books
Anita Ganeri, 3 books
Harriet Ziefert, 3 books
Lindsay Barrett George, 3 books
Manuel Milan, 3 books
Jim Arnosky, 3 books
Arthur Dorros, 3 books
Brock Cole, 3 books
Donald M. Silver, 3 books


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