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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Bernth Lindfors, 12 books
Reinhard Sander, 4 books
Stephen Hayward, 3 books
Eldred Durosimi Jones, 3 books
Ernest Emenyo̲nu, 3 books
Sarah Lefanu, 3 books
Eldred D. Jones, 2 books
Charles Angoff, 2 books
Cecil Anthony Abrahams, 2 books
Theo Vincent, 2 books
G. D. Killam, 2 books
Anthonia C. Kalu, 2 books
Susheila Nasta, 2 books
Peter Nazareth, 2 books
Edmund L. Epstein, 2 books
Cook, David, 2 books
Abiola Irele, 2 books
Ngugi wa Thiong'o, 2 books
Walter P. Collins, 2 books
Hans M. Zell, 2 books
Brenda Cooper, 2 books
Richard Rive, 2 books
Gideon-Cyrus Makau Mutiso, 2 books
Tina Steiner, 2 books
James Tsaaior, 2 books


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