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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Okwui Enwezor, 5 books
Ivan Bargna, 5 books
Herbert M. Cole, 4 books
André Magnin, 4 books
Elsy Leuzinger, 3 books
Arno Lehmann, 3 books
Leiris, Michel, 3 books
Constantijn Petridis, 3 books
Ezio Bassani, 3 books
Rowland Abiodun, 3 books
Frank Willett, 3 books
Njami Simon, 3 books
William Teel, 2 books
Donna Page, 2 books
Janet L. Stanley, 2 books
Baltimore Museum of Art., 2 books
William Buller Fagg, 2 books
Frans M. Olbrechts, 2 books
Mohamed Aziza, 2 books
Michael D. Harris, 2 books
Peter Stepan, 2 books
Colette Noll, 2 books
Guillaume, Paul, 2 books
Werner Schmalenbach, 2 books
Walter W. Battiss, 2 books


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