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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Darlene Clark Hine, 28 books
Jawanza Kunjufu, 12 books
Henry Louis Gates, 11 books
William C. Hine, 11 books
Stanley Harrold, 10 books
Ira Berlin, 10 books
Deborah Gray White, 10 books
Folami Prescott, 10 books
Manning Marable, 10 books
Herbert Aptheker, 10 books
Mia Bay, 9 books
Bruce A. Glasrud, 9 books
W. E. B. Du Bois, 7 books
August Meier, 7 books
Donald G. Nieman, 7 books
Paul Finkelman, 6 books
John David Smith, 6 books
Gary B. Nash, 6 books
James Haskins, 5 books
Howard Dodson, 5 books
Yohuru R. Williams, 5 books
Joe William Trotter, 5 books
Stanley C. Harrold, 5 books
Alton Hornsby, 4 books
Robin D.G. Kelley, 4 books


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