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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Mark Twain, 22 books
Frederick Douglass, 21 books
Abraham Lincoln, 14 books
Solomon Northup, 14 books
Rosemary Rowe, 13 books
Ira Berlin, 12 books
Harriet Beecher Stowe, 10 books
Josiah Henson, 10 books
Wilbur Smith, 9 books
William L. Andrews, 8 books
Benjamin Drew, 8 books
Paul E. Lovejoy, 8 books
Cooper, Peter, 8 books
Frederick Douglass, 8 books
Booker T. Washington, 8 books
Federal Writers' Project, 8 books
Henry Bibb, 7 books
Oruno D. Lara, 7 books
Yuki Amemiya, 7 books
Paul Finkelman, 6 books
Hilary Beckles, 6 books
Chariton, 6 books
Nelly Schmidt, 6 books
Charles Sumner, 6 books
William Wells Brown, 6 books


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