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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Chris Ryan, 10 books
Charles Whiting, 10 books
Gillian Bradshaw, 7 books
Dale Brown, 6 books
Ted Allbeury, 6 books
Jim DeFelice, 6 books
Tom Clancy, 6 books
Ouida, 5 books
J. H. Wade, 4 books
Edward Stratemeyer, 4 books
G. W. Wade, 4 books
Thomas Weldon, 4 books
Dennis Ruff, 4 books
Alexander Ruff, 4 books
Campbell Armstrong, 4 books
Freemantle, Brian., 4 books
Matt Wagner, 3 books
Clive Egleton, 3 books
Jean-Christophe Grange, 3 books
Peter Wickham, 3 books
Jonathan Evans, 3 books
Derek Kartun, 2 books
Jimmy Palmiotti, 2 books
Ashley Wood, 2 books
Joe Casey, 2 books


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