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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ed McBain, 15 books
Michael Pearce, 15 books
Ann Granger, 14 books
Peter Turnbull, 13 books
Richard Lockridge, 13 books
Constance Little, 12 books
Gwenyth Little, 12 books
Mary Roberts Rinehart, 11 books
Priscilla Masters, 11 books
Bill James, 10 books
Margaret Yorke, 10 books
Gerald Hammond, 10 books
Frances Louise Davis Lockridge, 9 books
Jim Tausworthe, 8 books
P. C. Doherty, 7 books
Bernard Cornwell, 7 books
Stuart Palmer, 7 books
Jessica Fletcher, 7 books
Donald Bain, 7 books
Robert B. Parker, 7 books
Susan Conant, 7 books
Herman Cyril McNeile, 7 books
Anthony Boucher, 6 books
Denis Green, 6 books
Julie Ellis, 6 books


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