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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Chaim Chaimoff, 16 books
Yizhar, S., 12 books
Michal Shalev, 8 books
Adiva Geffen, 7 books
Dan Tsalka, 6 books
Aharon Appelfeld, 5 books
Ronny Someck, 5 books
Eli Schreiber, 5 books
Gal Amir, 5 books
Amos Kenan, 4 books
Aharon Megged, 4 books
Eyal Megged, 4 books
Haim Lapid, 4 books
Etgar Keret, 4 books
Jacob Buchan, 4 books
Eshkol Nevo, 4 books
Shulamith Hareven, 4 books
Miri Rozovsky, 4 books
Amir Guttfreund, 4 books
Amnon Rubinstein, 3 books
Shimon Ballas, 3 books
Menashe Har-El, 3 books
S. Shifrah, 3 books
Aharon Ben-Zeʼev, 3 books
Etgar Kerrett, 3 books


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