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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Manfred Wespel, 34 books
Detlef Melchior, 33 books
Annegret von Wedel-Wolff, 32 books
Henner Eidt, 28 books
Wolfgang Menzel, 27 books
Roswitha Lammel, 24 books
Dieter Klöpfer, 23 books
Richard Meier, 19 books
Gisela Dick, 19 books
Malcolm Sexton, 19 books
Laurence Harger, 18 books
Jürgen Nebel, 15 books
Chris Bye, 15 books
Hans Kaminski, 14 books
Peter Kirch, 14 books
Bernhard Askani, 12 books
Elmar Wagener, 12 books
Peter Gaffga, 12 books
Wilhelm Wilke, 11 books
Klaus-Peter Eichler, 11 books
Wolfgang Birkenfeld, 10 books
Wolfgang Schulenberg, 10 books
Wolfgang Latz, 10 books
Roland Schmidt, 9 books
Alfred Ammen, 9 books

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