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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Lucy Cousins, 114 books
Martin Waddell, 71 books
Vivian French, 63 books
Helen Oxenbury, 39 books
Anthony Horowitz, 35 books
Allan Ahlberg, 33 books
Michael Rosen, 30 books
Sam McBratney, 29 books
Martin Handford, 28 books
Hughes, Shirley, 27 books
Jez Alborough, 27 books
Dyan Sheldon, 25 books
Various, 23 books
Sarah Hayes, 21 books
Nick Sharratt, 18 books
Judy Allen, 18 books
June Crebbin, 18 books
Hugh Scott, 18 books
Kim Lewis, 16 books
Zzz, 16 books
Marcia Williams, 16 books
Philippe Dupasquier, 16 books
Colin McNaughton, 15 books
Alan Durant, 15 books
Dick King-Smith, 14 books

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