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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Triumph Books, 127 books
Tribune Media Services, 29 books
Phil Pepe, 28 books
Triumph Books Staff, 28 books
National Collegiate Athletic Association, 25 books
National Hockey League., 17 books
Christopher Walsh, 16 books
Steven Travers, 13 books
Frank Scoblete, 13 books
Ncaa, 13 books
Chris Walton, 13 books
Lew Freedman, 13 books
Frederick C. Klein, 13 books
Chicago Tribune, 12 books
David L. Hoyt, 12 books
Andrew Ortyn, 10 books
Henri Arnold, 10 books
National Football League., 10 books
Bob Lee, 10 books
Ron Shandler, 10 books
Kevin Allen, 10 books
Tribune Content Agency LLC, 10 books
Mary Boone, 9 books
United States Golf Association., 9 books
Athlon Sports, 9 books

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