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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Society for American Baseball Research, 39 books
Michael E. Goodman, 17 books
Aaron Frisch, 14 books
Wayne Stewart, 11 books
Richard Rambeck, 8 books
Mollie Martin, 7 books
John Thorn, 6 books
Harvey Frommer, 6 books
David Nemec, 5 books
Jody Brannon, 4 books
Joseph E. Wallace, 4 books
William J. Ryczek, 4 books
William F. McNeil, 4 books
John Nichols, 4 books
Roger Kahn, 4 books
Marc Okkonen, 4 books
Roger Angell, 4 books
Morris, Peter, 3 books
Jim Prime, 3 books
Peter Morris, 3 books
Benjamin G. Rader, 3 books
G. Richard McKelvey, 3 books
George Castle, 3 books
Mark Stewart, 3 books
Robert Weintraub, 3 books


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