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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Lamar Underwood, 19 books
Tom Rosenbauer, 16 books
Lefty Kreh, 13 books
Steven D. Price, 12 books
Cheryl Charming, 11 books
Monte Burch, 11 books
Joseph Heywood, 9 books
George Plimpton, 8 books
Nicholas Wade, 8 books
Gary LaFontaine, 7 books
Peter Owen, 7 books
Dick Talleur, 7 books
Stephen Vincent Brennan, 7 books
A. D. Livingston, 7 books
Ellen Brown, 7 books
Dave Whitlock, 7 books
Don Oster, 6 books
Randy Howe, 6 books
William G. Tapply, 6 books
Len McDougall, 6 books
Bill Adler Jr., 6 books
Bob Robb, 5 books
Robert F. Jones, 5 books
Charles Elliott, 5 books
Hoagland, 5 books


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