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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Lefty Kreh, 22 books
Tom Rosenbauer, 21 books
John Gierach, 20 books
Charles R. Meck, 14 books
Dave Hughes, 13 books
Leonard M. Wright, 12 books
Nick Lyons, 11 books
John Shewey, 11 books
Dave Whitlock, 9 books
William G. Tapply, 8 books
Paul Schullery, 8 books
J. Michael Migel, 7 books
Steve Raymond, 7 books
John Gierach, 7 books
Chris Santella, 6 books
Geoffrey Bucknall, 6 books
John Holt, 6 books
Peter Gathercole, 6 books
George F. Grant, 5 books
Gary LaFontaine, 5 books
Frederic M. Halford, 5 books
Craig Martin, 5 books
Michael Rutter, 5 books
Keith McCafferty, 5 books
E. Donnall Thomas, 5 books


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