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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Richard W. Talleur, 9 books
Dick Stewart, 8 books
Eric Leiser, 7 books
Deke Meyer, 6 books
Dave Hughes, 6 books
Randall Kaufmann, 5 books
Skip Morris, 5 books
Poul Jorgensen, 5 books
George Leonard Herter, 4 books
C. Boyd Pfeiffer, 4 books
Al Beatty, 4 books
A. K. Best, 4 books
Darrel Martin, 4 books
Jim Schollmeyer, 4 books
Keith Fulsher, 3 books
Jack H. Dennis, 3 books
Tom Rosenbauer, 3 books
Lefty Kreh, 3 books
Mike Dawes, 3 books
Paul N. Fling, 3 books
Dave Whitlock, 3 books
John R. Harder, 2 books
Helen Shaw, 2 books
Pat Dorsey, 2 books
Jay Fullum, 2 books


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