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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Richard Nelson Bolles, 56 books
Pamela Lanier, 20 books
Donald Asher, 18 books
John Bear, 14 books
Tom Cuthbertson, 14 books
Charlie Trotter, 13 books
Yana Parker, 12 books
Hugh Carpenter, 11 books
Jane Seabrook, 10 books
Mollie Katzen, 10 books
Burton Silver, 10 books
David Lebovitz, 8 books
Caprial Pence, 8 books
Pamela Sheldon Johns, 8 books
Ernie J. Zelinski, 8 books
B. R. Peterson, 8 books
Jennifer Trainer Thompson, 8 books
John Jeavons, 8 books
Jan Venolia, 8 books
Diane Seed, 8 books
Aaron Ximm, 8 books
Dave DeWitt, 7 books
Beverley Jackson, 7 books
Mark Charles Miller, 7 books
Lynn Alley, 7 books


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