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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Richard Nelson Bolles, 41 books
Anne McKinney, 14 books
Savino, Carl S., 7 books
Wendy S. Enelow, 6 books
Julie Jansen, 5 books
Ronald L. Krannich, 5 books
Stephen M. Pollan, 5 books
Judith Johnstone, 5 books
Janet I. Farley, 5 books
Mark Levine, 4 books
Kent B. Banning, 4 books
Graham Green, 4 books
Bettina Lankard Brown, 4 books
Beverly A. Potter, 4 books
Kerry Hannon, 4 books
Jane Ballback, 4 books
Steven Joiner, 4 books
Jeri Sedlar, 4 books
Richard N. Bolles, 4 books
Marge Watters, 4 books
Kate Wendleton, 4 books
Garry Richard Walz, 3 books
John Lees, 3 books
Robert Jameson Gerberg, 3 books
Jane Pauley, 3 books


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