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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
James A. Banks, 44 books
Thelma Harms, 24 books
William Ayers, 21 books
D. A. E. Project, 18 books
Donna E. Alvermann, 17 books
Sonia Nieto, 15 books
Alfredo J. Artiles, 15 books
Marian Small, 14 books
Richard M. Clifford, 13 books
Wayne Journell, 13 books
Ann Lieberman, 12 books
Celia Genishi, 12 books
Debby Cryer, 11 books
Joseph P. McDonald, 11 books
Sharon Ryan, 10 books
Dorothy S. Strickland, 10 books
Nel Noddings, 10 books
Larry Cuban, 10 books
Anne Haas Dyson, 9 books
Judy Harris Helm, 9 books
Gary D. Keller, 9 books
Susan B. Neuman, 9 books
Michael Fullan, 9 books
Therese Quinn, 9 books
Michelle Fine, 9 books

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