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Editions Published
Year of Publication


published most by this publisher
Peter Haining, 12 books
Joseph D. Olander, 8 books
Hugh Lamb, 7 books
Brenda Morton, 6 books
Perry, Richard, 6 books
Peter Høeg, 6 books
Martin Harry Greenberg, 6 books
Randolph Stow, 6 books
Ben Lucien Burman, 5 books
Elliott O'Donnell, 5 books
Raymond Mander, 5 books
Michael Edwardes, 5 books
Margaret Hutchings, 5 books
Michel Parry, 5 books
Don Davy, 4 books
Deacon, Richard, 4 books
Tom Gourdie, 4 books
Jackie Vermeer, 4 books
Priscilla Lobley, 4 books
Lauran Paine, 4 books
Eric R. Delderfield, 4 books
Raymond Lamont-Brown, 4 books
Szépművészeti Múzeum (Hungary), 4 books
D. Scott Rogo, 4 books
Alan Dent, 3 books

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